Wondering what to make of the whisky glass debate? Well you’re not the only one!

Here at WhiskyLab.org, I’ve made a project out of experimenting with various glasses and though my methods are not entirely scientific, I believe I can still extrapolate some interesting conclusions from my findings.

If you’re interested in my scientific method, I’ll summarize it as: try lots of things while simultaneously trying to remember what happens when you do.

Embracing the rigors of the project, I worked diligently at this task and found that despite my initial skepticism, the glass used makes a remarkable difference in the experience.

Taking this Lagavulin 16, for example, I found the traditional style drinks glass on the left yielded a slightly bitter, harsh experience with a stronger alcohol overtone than I liked. The smaller Glencairn glass on the right produced a neat and clean delivery of the classic earthy, peaty wonderfulness I enjoy in this Islay malt

Then the surprise. The larger Glencairn glass in the middle, though designed ostensibly for Canadian whisky, was in fact fantastic for this classic single malt Scotch. Something about the larger but not too large shape of the bowl and funnel combined with the fluted lip of the glass directed flow of the whisky a little differently and produced a fantastic effect for me.

For the good of science and integrity of my whisky experimentation, I will now  repeat this procedure with even more whisky bottlings! Our work is never done here at WhiskyLab.org.